About Me

Hello hello, and welcome to ValleysShutterBug.com and my about me page. I thought that it is always nice to see the man behind the mask (or camera in this case) and tell you a little about my background in how i got into photography.

 My Name is Shaun, I live in the South Wales Valleys in the UK where we are surrounded by breath taking scenery and views that people come from around the world to see.
 I am currently ranking at an amateur level in the world of photography and have only been into SLR's in the last 18 months or so. Before this time I was still taking photos but on a bridge camera. This has been an ongoing hobby and now heading toward an expensive obsession.

I am currently taking all photos with a Nikon D7000 and a wide range of lenses and accessories to make most situations available to shoot.

I have many other interests /hobbies, rather than blog about them all and not have time devoted to my photography i have listed a few of them here for you all. Over time I will be adding in pages where I will share some of the key events or news that I find interesting enough to share on them
  • Mountain Biking
  • Reptiles
  • Scale model building
  • MotoGP bike racing (spectating not racing unfortunately)

Thank you all again for stopping by, please feel free to add comments, ask questions or critique my photos. Its what makes me better,smarter and stronger.


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