Friday, 3 January 2014

Random Five Friday

This is my first go at the R5F hop so here goes (Clears throat)

1. We aint seen nothin' like this before - Over here in the little old UK we are experiencing wind and rain to the likes we have never seen before. Driving storms across the Atlantic are battering the country to a standstill.... And yes its set to last all weekend, so its DIY weekend for me !!!

2. Finding a new author is always exciting - Jim Butcher is the latest one that i have found. Reading at bedtime has always been a favorite pastime of mine, but something about reading on the Ipad should come with a health warning.. falling asleep and having a book hit you on the head isnt so bad, falling asleep and having the Ipad hit you on the old conker is just plain dangerous.
        Morale of this story - Technology is banned at bedtime, paperbacks only !!

3. I have out gorgeous puppy to look after whilst Gemma is in work the weekend, so point number one Ref DIY is out of the question. Unless i gotta take down the Christmas decorations. That is an order i cannot deviate from.

4. I really need to get myself into order and get all of my cameras / equipment dismantled and cleaned, its been a while and it needs to be done.

5. I bought myself a new lens recently

And i know i need to get around to reviewing it - I think i will if point 3 doesnt come off.

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