Friday, 10 January 2014

Random 5 Friday

Well one week has already passed us and 2014 has hardly started. Is it truth in what the older generations say. Time goes quicker when your older? If so im moving to warmer climates and partaking in some extreme sports !!

So random Friday, Lets see what we have for you.

1. Our little Khali had a visit to the vets on Monday to get he last round of vaccinations. as of Wednesday nest week she can officially go on her first ever walk. at this moment shes is as far away from walking as humanly possible.

2. I had to build a new gate in the yard as someone has discovered how to climb steps now.

3. I waited up for hours last night to witness the aurora borealis, but it did not venture down to the south of the UK and all i got to see was a waxing crescent moon.

Here is what i was hoping for

4. The bright lights and sparkle of Christmas is well and truly over and the work on the house starts again. 2013 was a long old slog and and hoping for a more productive and less expensive 2014.

We went from this  - March 2013

To this so far - Christmas 2013 (not completely finished but getting there)

5. I am hopefully going to have a decent outing with the camera tomorrow (weather pending) and need to find some waterfalls that can be accessed by foot, as we now have the crazy 4 legged one with us.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend

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