Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Puppy bath time

Firstly i must say a big warm welcome to 2014 for all you wonderful bloggers out there. I hope that i can get to spend more time on here during this year. As many of you may know with the renovation of our first home together taking up all of my time and the majority of the year, blogging photographing and life simply was shelved for a 12 month.
  So a big welcome back to me :):)

This is going to be a bit of a continuing theme on this blog i can imagine for some time.

Our ever growing puppy is taking up more and more of our time so, i now feel the need to share our journey with all our lovely followers.

I give you Khaleesi's first bathtime

Minus the ears she looks something like a seal pup

Dem sad puppy dog eyes

Butter wouldn't melt

How can you blow dry a dog in this position?

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