Thursday, 2 January 2014

On my blog in 2014 I want to .......

So now that the new year is upon and for many of us the the guilt of over eating and drinking has truly set in maybe it's time to look to the year ahead and what we would like to get out of it in terms of the information we share to our fellow bloggers.

Here's mine

I know that I MUST dedicate more of my free time to commenting and sharing in the stories and lives that others so kindly spend great swaths of time and effort compiling.

And my presence in blogger world needs to be more meaningful that just a couple of half decent photos aweigh no real substance or story to them.

 With the house renovation and a 9 month long blog to made public shortly I have no excuse (especially with the new pup) to get out there and start photographing our lovely country.

What do you want out of 2014?????

 Have a safe start to 2014 all, I'll try and rustle up some images this evening for you all.

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