Monday, 24 June 2013

The 48 hour post - half time

Many thanks to all those who have given their thoughts, comments and feelings over this topic. I feel that whilst many of you have differing views on blogging, commenting and why you do blogging I thing one thing rings true thoughout.

Bogging is mainly a personal thing. It allows you to share your life stories, adventures and feelings to a group of people who have similar thoughts, ideas and interests.

I am a creature of worth, while I like to see my progression and push the boundaries of my creative mind I get deflated easily if the interest doesn't seem to be there..... But I have taken something from this, not everyone can like everything that I do, but what I do I am pleased with and acts as a journal of my progression through my journeys.

 If people find it interesting and feel they want to comment along the way then I am blessed and humbled that they give up their time to do so.

I am now to make a conscious effort of reading and commenting more on blog posts whilst maintaining the blog and running the new website

Thank you all

Shaun VSB

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