Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The 48 hour Post - The Aftermath

Many thanks to all that got in touch over the past couple of days, it was wonderful to see what others thought of blogging, the blogging world and how you address your own blog and blogging demons.

 As i touched apon in my other posts i think i need to stop creating blog posts hoping that others will like them (although that can be a good thing) and start enjoying it for myself, plus its a fun way of making a digital journal of your life.

So with that i want to set my own agenda for blogging through the week.

Monday - Visit and comment on other blogs, update social media sites.
Tuesday - publish blog post and respond to own blog comments
Wednesday - Day of rest
Thursday - Visit and comment on other blogs
Friday - publish blog post and respond to own blog comments
Saturday - Service the needs of social media.
Sunday - Edit photos for following weeks posts, update website.

I think if i know i have a structure to follow it will frame and focus my mind rather than giving half hearted attempts of doing something.

Hows does your blogging week stack up. I am open to all suggestions.
for those who want to know
My New Flickr Account

Oh yea. Some photos to see you by. ;)

Suzuki Swift - Grass racing
Ferrari California

Ford Escort
Ford Fiesta Rally Car

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