Monday, 4 March 2013

Focus on Photography - The aftermath

Well its been a long old day but very, very enjoyable. Something like this exhibition really gives you an eye opener into the world of photography from every angle humanly possible (and then a little more).

There were exhibitors from wedding photography photo books, to top of the like studio lighting from the big like Nikon and Canon to lens manufactures such as Tamron ans Sigma.

A Special mention has to be made to two amazing companies and their equally cool people.

Vanessa Champion @ Creativity Backgrounds 
Marc Fredric Gottula @ BlackRapid

These guys (and gals) have allowed me through their companies to review some of their product lines, I am truly grateful to them and hope that i can help them with future reviews.

Some quick photos from the Expo (sorry there are so few)

Tomorrow i will post up some of the models that were present and the studio setups that companies were using to get the stunning images taken.

Have a great week all.


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