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Review - RedSnapperUK RST-283 + RSH-12 head

Item: RedSnapper RST-283 Tripod &  RSH-12 head
Received for Review: January 2013
Cost: £114.00
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This tripod is a new design and will replace the RS-283 that has previously been Reviewed HERE. Dimensionaly it is the same but they have added a few tweeks to the design that funcutionality becomes much faster with smoother transitions between fully closed and the ready position.

Initial thoughts

The package was opened to find that the packaging had been overhauled a newly designed box; swanky and sleek in black and white with depictions of the tripod and a company logo that would be hard to miss even if you were half blind. If this was anything to go by, I was already excited to get inside for a look.

The Carry Bag

The carry case for this upgraded model has also had a revamp. The bag material is now a tough and durable nylon with red piping along he top edge, the standard zip stays it it unzipping 3/4 of the total bag length. The internals are still of the high quality of the previous version with full cushioning which seems to give added support while carrying.
 The sling strap has also been altered with it being a fixed webbing strap and leather shoulder pad feels more sturdy on shoulder than the flexible nylon based one of the version RS-283.
 Onto the inside of the bag and it is fully lined with a weatherproof nylon lining and an internal pocket with a couple of allen keys, clips / pins and a short column for when you need to invert the central stem for those low down shots.

The Tripod

The compact size has stayed as previous at 620mm but they have managed to shave an impressive 160 grams off of the overall weight and now weights in at 1810g (1970g previously) . The construction keeps to tradition with a three piece leg system made from heavy duty / lightweight aluminium. This biggest change to this tripod is that the locking mechanism for the telescopic legs, They not boast a 1/4 turn lock / unlock rubberized grip which feel solid and have a positive effect when locked into place.
with legs totally extended with the central column retracted this tripod still stands at 1340mm and with the central column totally extended is a little shorter than is previous model at 1590mm (1600mm previously)

 Here we can see the legs extended to position 1. This is the standard setting that most people would use for everyday tripod use.

Extending the legs out to position 2 we can see that the tripos has reduced its center of gravity and had spread its weight over a much larger area. I found this excellent when taking Long exposure landscapes where stability is key.

And this is the part where i get a little excited! with all three legs extended out to position 3 we can see that the squat angle is truly incredible. Rough measuring i can see this angle being around the 160 degrees mark. I used this angle successfully when recording very small wildlife but wanting to keep quite a wide zoom angle. As I was able to get so low i could achieve this with very little issue

They have also changed the locking button style from a pull and maneuver to a push button. I have found that this is a much more effective solution to moving the legs as the pull type system could on time s be a little hit or miss.
Each of the legs has a rubberized and threaded foot that acts as a really good anchoring when on stable and slippery flooring. Thread the little contoured foot up its shaft and you unveil a spiked foot for all those "dug in" moments in the forest or on a beach.

This is the newly designed button that is responsible for moving the legs into the varied positions.

The RSH-12 Head

This head is a new design for RedSnapperUK and is more bullet proof than a Sherman tank.
 An extract taken from the manufacturer's website describes the action of this head
"You have fast aiming and framing control just by releasing and locking a single knob. Two other knobs control the 360-degree panning base and the amount of ball friction. The RSH-12 features our new quick-release platforms that accept suitable style plates and mounts. "

There are markings on the base in degrees which is a really nice touch i found when doing panoramic landscapes.


The more that i use this companies products the more i start to think just how much the giants of the tripod world try to rip people of. With talk of carbon fiber legs, composite material heads that cost the came as some cameras. I wonder just how they can justify the cost.
 This Upgrade of the already awesome RS-283 tripod has blown me away, I would recommend this and all of the other products that they make as good quality, robust and durable with a keen eye to keeping the consumer happy with the competitive pricing structure.

Overall rating

Price: 10/10
Quality: 9.5/10
Function: 9.5/10
Head: 8/10

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