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Review - RedSnapper RS-283 Tripod & RSH-24 3-way head

Item: RedSnapper RS-283 Tripod & RSH-24 3-way head.
Purchased November 2012
Cost: £58.95

How I came to choose this product

I had been using previous to this tripod a Velbon 200R Sherpa for the past 18 months, whilst this was a good tripod and was semi-steady it did have its flaws. After one of the telescopic legs refused to retract and a pretty shoddy attempt at after care sales I went on the hunt for a new tripod, one that I could use on a day to day basis but would but break the bank and still perform well.
 An online photography forum has mentioned the company RedSnapperUK and that they were putting out some pretty impressive products for a budget that would suit the photographer who was on a budget but required a product of quality and form.
 I done some research into the tripods and could not find a great deal of information on the internet, but what I did find was all positive comments on both build, function and most important to me, customer service and aftercare.
 I thought that I would take the chance with RedSnapperUK as they had a really good promotion on where they would supply the tripod and a 3 way tilt and swivel head for a very respectful £58.95 delivered. Delivery was made within 48 hours.

Initial Thoughts

The tripod was delivered in 2 separate parcels, the tripod itself and the 3 way head. Very securely packaged, not alot could be said about the condition of the delivery except for perfect.

The Carry Bag

The case that is supplied with this tripod is like none ive had before. The bottom 1/4 of the case is leatherette for maximum protection with the rest of the bag in a durable nylon based material. The shoulder strap is made from a tough black webbing with an elasticated neoprene backed shoulder strap. The whole bag is well padded but not so bulky that it makes the bag to big. This is super comfortable while carrying and makes the whole tripod feel less cumbersome than its more
expensive rivals.

Onto the inside of the bag and it is fully lined with a weatherproof nylon lining and an internal pocket with a couple of Allen keys and an additional length of tubing which i have yet to find its use.

The Tripod

With its distinctive compact size (620mm) and sturdy feel, I knew from the off that I had made a good choice with this product. The construction is made up mainly of heavy duty but lightweight aluminium, weighing in the tripod at 1970 grams. Telescopic legs are split into the typical layout of 3 pieces but these have the advantage of rubberized one turn to lock / unlock system for rapid change of height.
Totally extended with the central column retracted this tripod stands at 1340mm and with it totally extended with reach a dizzy 1600mm.

All three legs can be moved interdependent of each other and  have a huge advantage over conventional tripods is that the legs squat angle can be changed (as shown on the below photo). This proves really useful when up against embankments or really awkward terrain.
 Another useful addition is the spirit level bubble on the base to ensure that those all important horizon levels are completely straight.
 The uppers of the tripod are covered im a high density foam for ease of carrying and manoeuvrability on a cold windy and wet day in the Welsh hills (and forgetting my gloves) i was really glad of this protection as carrying this tripod whilst holing the bare metal would have been the death of me.

Plus the very swish RedSnapper logo is displayed proudly along one of the legs.
A Very, very sexy angle that this tripod can get into. All of the legs move to this angle meaning you can get those really low down shots.
Each of the legs has a rubberized and threaded foot that acts as a really good anchoring when on stable and slippery flooring. Thread the little contoured foot up its shaft and you unveil a spiked foot for all those "dug in" moments in the forest or on a beach.

A close up shot showing the independent and lockable sections of the tripod legs giving such extreme angles.

The 3-Way pan and tilt head. 

This is the free head that was supplied as part of the deal from RedSnapperUK  and I will be honest when I see something for free I usually thing that someone is trying to shift some excess stock. But this little head is pure bulletproof, all of the knobs handles and leavers are sturdy, the threads are well made and do not flop around in their housing like some other models. 
The big pan handle is a real nice feature and allows for a smooth transition for panoramic shots, but does come into its own when using it for recording video.
The only niggle that i do have is that there is no directional arrows for which orientation of the quick release plate is supposed to fit onto the camera ( it only fits one way and you will figure that out soon enough)


As you may have gathered from the above review, from a company that i knew very little about to taking a shot in the dark to being a raving fan of this piece of kit. It certainly fills me with confidence when mounting £1500 of camera equipment onto is all metal head and leave it alone for 16 minutes while the camera does its stuff on a beach long exposure.
 If there are any of you out there who are looking for a new tripod, an upgrade or a spare I would certainly look toward the guys at RedSnapperUK for some excellent, well price, and excellently built products

Overall rating

Price: 10/10
Quality: 9/10
Function: 9/10
Head: 7/10

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