Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Sad time.....

Well i have had some devastating news over the holidays. The man who i consider to be the head of the family, the reason that im a photographic nut and an all round top guy has passed away peacefully on 12/30/12.

My Grandfather, the legend.

Last year i shared THIS photo with you all of my gramps, although he suffered with alzheimer's he really was the life of any party.

In his memory i want to do what he would have wanted and share some photos of him, the photos he took and real old family ones.

One taken of his regiment while serving in the R.A.F (Royal Air Force) he is Top far right.

On his wedding day in 1951... looking pretty swish

 This is his infantry photo in his early 20's

....... and more than 65 years later, rocking a set of oakleys on his birthday.

We will never forget you.

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