Saturday, 30 June 2012

Images of the Day - Red Bull Air Show

I had the opportunity to go and see a local air show where the red bull aerobatic team were out on force. These guys flying single prop stunt planes are truly spectacular and have to been seen to be appreciated.

Here are some snaps of the day

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Images of the Day - A taste of things to come

Well, im back from the MotoGP @ Silverstone and boy what a day. I wont bore you a;ll with the details of the who won what but will give you a sneak preview of the photos that I took.

Here are some snaps taken on the cool down lap of the mornings warm up session

Jorge Lorenzo
Cal Crutchlow

 Nicky Hayden
 Valentino Rossi

And one or two from the lower class racers on their morning warm up

More to follow in the coming days. As well as a Red Bull ariel display.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

News of the Day - Off to the MotoGP

Hey guys (and gals) there will be no photo post entries for the next few days as i am off to Silverstone for the 6th round of the MotoGP calender

 Just for you that are interested we will be rooting for the following people

Shaun - Nicky Hayden #69 - The Kentucky kid (USA)

Gemma - Valentino Rossi #46 - The doctor (ITA)

Alan (Gems Dad) - Cal Crutchlow #35 - The Honey badger (UK)

Lets see who comes out on top

No doubt i will bore you all for days with my photographs of the days events.

Have a great weekend all

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Images of the Day - up creek, luckily with a paddle

Apologies for my lack of posting of late, some personal circumstances have kept me away.

This quick entry is of some guys kayaking in a local lake. They have had some subtle HDR work carried out, but nothing OTT.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Images of the Day - Castell Coch (Red Castle)

Yesterday we went to a local castle to have a walk about and to get some photos to show you lovely people another on of our castles.

I wont ramble on with the ins and out of this place, i think its just to pretty to clog the post up with reams of information. If you genuinely are interested then please see the below link for more information.
Castell Coch Information

And here she is in all her glory

Castle in HDR... Its OK but im not totally in love with it.

Gem in Colour pop

Rear of the castle

And 2 Arty shots from an up and coming photographer........ These are Gemmas Shots

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Publish of the Week - 2nd time lucky

Well, 2 attempts at sending photos to the local newspaper and 2 successes. You have seen the photo before but i thought i would show it again.

Im well happy, just need to expand my portfolio now and try and get noticed a little more.

The Entry

And in the paper

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Images of the Day - Hobbyists Beware Deno builds doll houses !!

I think i need to wrap up our days out at the Botanical gardens (although i could probably give you another weeks worth of photos from there). There was a crafting event in one of the buildings to showcase some of the best of the local hobbyists. I think the First house was built by Deon over at whatdoallthesebuttonsdo, he really is a talented guy.

 Altogether there were doll house miniatures, lace making, quilting etc etc. Some of the work and time that these people dedicate to their hobbies makes me glad im a photographer. I think pictures speak much louder than words in this instance, here we go.

Dollhouse miniatures

Friday, 8 June 2012

Images of the Day - Candid Camera

During the weekends trip we though that "hey we haven't taken any photos of ourselves yet". to which the following photos ensued.

This young lad was playing on his own, running around on the grass while dad had a cup of tea. Then a huge crow landed on this structure and turned the whole scene a tad eerie...

Then another life size sculpture of Gemma, these things gotta be breeding.

And doing something you dont normally see a man doing...... READING A MAP

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Images of the Day - Its a bugs life

Taken straight out of Disney's film Its a Bugs life I thought what better way to round up the bugs of the Botanical gardens but with a catchy name.

These are the best of the shots of the insects / flies / bees / things that i seen on the day out. It is almost like some of these were trained to sit there and allow you to take photos of them, photogenic isn't the word.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Images of the Day - In the Japanese Garden

Back to the outdoor spaces and today we are taking you into the Japanese gardens. This has been decked out to within an inch of its life and I was expecting a little old Japanese woman in her kimono and wooden shoes to come trundling out.

 They had built an authentic Japanese tea room to set the mood for the for the area and had a babbling brook running in parallel to the main tea room.

 Some pretty authentic looking Japanese script... What does it say i wonder?

Japanese Maple "Acer" trees

The Babbling brook i was babbling on about earlier !

 I think the plant is Japanese, but i doubt the bug is.

どうもありがとう。 Dōmo arigatō. (doh-moh ah-ree-GAH-toh

A.K.A Thank You

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Images of the Day - Inside the glass atrium

As promised yesterday i will now give you a semi-guided tour of this impressive greenhouse.

A quick shot of the inside of that huge glass roof.

Taken from Chile looking toward the Med
Australia on the left and Cali on the right
 This is the lower level slate wall that is from the canaries area. There is a multitude of fish in this pond, and nearly forgot..... A human size sculpture of Gemma !!!!

And finally to end today's post some macro shots of the the flowers found on our travels in the dome.

Hope you enjoyed.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Im ages of the Day - Botanical Gardens

Well today is a day of firsts for me. There is a national Botanical gardens about 60 miles away from where i live, its been there for years but its taken me to mature in ages before i could go there and really appreciate it.

I want to share the experience and photos over the coming days as i feel that cramming it all into one post would be a major overload.

So for today's offerings i will show you what it look like from the outside. The main complex is a glass domed atrium housing plants and trees from all over the world. Some of the sections thy hold are California, Australia, Canary Islands, Chile and the Mediterranean.

Heres what it looks like.... No peeking inside until tomorrow !!!

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