Sunday, 9 December 2012

Worcester Town Center at night

Leaving Cardiff behind, we swiftly move north toward Royal Worcester. We have been here the last couple of years over Christmas and it is now tradition that Christmas does not start in this house until we do the "Worcester trip"

These were taken the night before the main Christmas market started on the Saturday morning.

The theme of the whole event is Victorian, it is compulsory that all stall vendors dress in the period costume. Whilst looking at these photos just imagine the smells of hot mulled wine, hog roast and roasting chestnuts backed nicely with some children singing Christmas carols.

Happy holidays everyone!

Worcester cathedral silhouette
Cathedral monument
The Cathedral in all its glory
Running out of cathedral captions !!!

A guy watching the big spinny thing !

An owl at nighttime in Wrocester...... Strange

Some glassworks by a very talented lady

The characters of the Fayre

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