Thursday, 6 December 2012

Cardiff Winter Wonderland

As the lights began to fade and the hustle and bustle quietened a gentle stream of people were leaving to head home to their families.

This crazy pair hadn't quite had enough of the cold weather and headed over to the cities Winter wonderland. This is a section of the city center (just outside city hall and museum) that gets transformed every year by an ice rink and family fun fair.

 The colours were amazing and i hope that they get conveyed correctly in these photos.

A Big wheel type spinny thing !

A Bigger view of the above mentioned spinny thing

My brother.... Managed to get himself on a billboard

A view of the ice rink towards City hall

A very festive looking carousel

A chap watches his son on the horses

Helter Skelter baby!!

Frosty looking very dapper

Show off !

City Hall

A View into city hall.

 A Change of location tomorrow.... We are off to Worcester !!!!!!

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