Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Cardiff Castle - The Tunnels and Keep

A jaunt to our capital city and we decided to have a look around Cardiff castle. Shamefully in all my years I have never been inside this place for a look around, boy do i wish i had done it sooner!
 The history of this place is so exuberant and over the top that it almost starts to sound like make believe. Trust me its not though. Its this castle that has alot of what we see and do now is in the foundations of this castle (not in a literal sense though)

Here are some of the inner older Roman walls and the newer stone outer skin. These tunnels were used as air raid shelters during the second world war as Cardiff was being bombed by the Luftwaffe.

Tunnels that run the length of all perimeter walls

Built in air raid shelters

Wartime Metal signs

Looking from a portcullis toward City Hall

The lord of the Castles home

A Tribute made to all fallen soldiers in combat

To finish off this first installment of photos from the Castle i have included two HDR images of Cardiff Castles' Keep taken from the outer walled perimeter

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