Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Caerphilly Medieval Market

This weekend just gone I found out that there was a Medieval market in the nearby town town of Caerphilly (k-eye-filly). I needn't need know anymore and I was there. Anything that holds a Bow, shield, spear or sword is enough to send the pulse quickening. I have shown below a few of the characters of the Faye, all in Mono conversions. If anyone would like a personal copy in Mono or colour pleas email to let me know.

Within Caerphilly is the most awesome historic war torn (by war I mean in the era of cannons and trebuchets) castle. But more of that tomorrow, today is all about the personalities of the fayre.

Some freaky woman dressed as a dancing pagan bull. Children didnt like this

The master of dragons, didnt catch his name but i bet it was a classic !!
These next three photos are all members of a Historic archers society called "Sons of the Dragon"

Gerald King - Captain of Archers

 Vernon Mills

Helen Urtiaga

And probably my favorite image of the day. This little guys was sat looking out from the castle walls over the valley. Makes you wonder what is he thinking.?

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