Friday, 21 December 2012

2012 closing thoughts

Good morning blogging world, it looks like 2012 was a good grounding for my new found love of SLR photography. I have had some amazing times over the course of the year and met some really cool and helpful people.
 This blog was initially set up with the idea of sharing whenever possible a photo or two of the places I go, the area I live in and the people who inspire me. It has materialized to be much more than that.


The blog was also a great tool to track the progression of my skills, the way that I approach a scene and its composition.

To take a look at some of the landscape photos that i have taken and check to see if I have gotten any better / worse or stayed the same.

December 2011

One of the first photos that I had the pleasure to share with you all was this view of Pen-Y-Fan in the South Wales Valleys.

Whilst this shot is OK, I totally ignored the rule of thirds, there is no foreground interest and the composition is terrible. But we all start somewhere I guess.

April 2012

Taken of the Dartmoor moorlands, i can see that the composition is a little better, rule of thirds applied, still no foreground interest but we do have some focal point, even if it is a third into the scene. The colours are garish and way 'overcooked' with a heave photoshop hand.

June 2012

my first attempt at landscape HDR, and getting a little better once again. rule of thirds, check. foreground interest, check. Colouration, spot on.
 I think this was the point where my photography skills turned the corner, taking a good 6 months to master I finally believed there was some hope.
 The borders were removed from all images as I found them to be distracting, i also had a period where my watermark disappeared. That was short lived.

This image went on to be printed a couple of times through the local papers. and is one of my top picks of 2012.

December 2012

So we come to now and at this point I am thinking a little outside of the box with my landscapes. playing with tonal ranges, looking for symmetry, lead-in lines and black and white moods. I could not pick one favourite 'recent' shot so all three won the pick.

Taken from the devastating flooding of Tewkesbury, the colour of the sky and the lone tree begged for a symmetrical shot to be taken, throwing the rule of thirds out of the window and placing the horizon somewhere about centre.

By far my most successful image to date, it provokes though and wonder. Also showcasing three fundamental properties that make our land great. 
The stone work of our medieval ancestors, the typical homes of valleys people in mining villages, and our famous welsh rolling hills. 

This is the latest in a series of landscapes, this shot again goes back to basics with the rule of thirds. but now using lead-in lines, and adding people into the scot for scene of scale of the surroundings.

One other thing has emerged from all this, I now know that i totally and absolutely adore back and white photography, it provokes more thought than colour and it sets mood and conviction that cannot be captured any another way ....

 Plus its timeless.

So, I now wish you all a very merry, jolly and jovial Christmas. May you be surrounded by those that you love and you dont consume too much alcohol and food. (AKA Shaun) would like to than all of its followers for a great year. All blogging will now be suspended for the Christmas holidays and return 01/01/13.

Take care

Shaun (AKA  :)

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