Monday, 9 July 2012

Monster Monday - Weekly round up #1

           Dont forget this months Prize Giveaway

Hey all, I hope that you all have a happy and productive weekend? Seeing that this months giveaway in in full  swing now i thought i would share some random goings on at the moment in a Weekly Roundup

Last Wednesday marked the 9 year anniversary of Me and my beautiful Fiancee Gemma, we are unlike any other conventional couple and give the obligatory flowers, chocolates and out for a romantic candle lit dinner for two... Instead we decided to buy each other concert tickets to see Nicki Minaj when she comes to Cardiff in November (a little wait i know. But well, well worth it). For those of you who are not in the know, she looks a little like this.....
Courtesy of Google 
Not the most conventional of ladies but puts on one hell of a show.

A little surprise that i did get for our anniversary was a cross stitched camera bag, as many of you know my better half is a cross stitching queen (check out her blog Stitching Gems). I think she was sick of me moaning that my filter, brushes, memory cards Etc were spilling out of my bag every time I open it up. This is the little bag that I had given to me, its pretty neat and does just the trick in my camera bag. Cheers Jigga !!!

On the work from both myself and Gemma had been promoted within the same week. I now become a Continuous improvement co-ordinator and Gemma the store supervisor of a local fashion house.

Apart from my photography the other things i love to do, and will share with you is reading and building my scale models.

Ive picked up a new Zombie apocalypse fiction from my blogging brother over @ Mithril wisdom , ive only
just started but its a good read so far (albeit 10 pages in) and the main guy has already assassinated a zombie from up a tree with a sniper rifle.

Here are the cover in case anyone is interested (please dont mind Rex sticking his head out of the top) he 's harmless !!

And finally the models that i have been building and the new addition to the arsenal

The update on the Valentino Rossi bike build

Please ignore the different colour wheels, i had a little lapse in concerntration

And the newest toy in the Box

Thanks for hanging around guys (and gals, really appreciate you taking the time)

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