Sunday, 15 July 2012

Images of the day - Mwnt Bay

Today we decided to take a trip to the small cove of Mwnt (pronounced Munt) on the cost of Western Wales. I cant believe that with something so breath takingly beautiful on our doorstep we have never been here before.

Some history of this spectacular place

Mwnt was the site of an unsuccessful invasion by Flemings in 1155, and its defeat was long afterwards celebrated on the first Sunday in January as"Sul Coch y Mwnt". The name (Red Sunday) was given in consequence of the blood shed on that day. It is reputed that the bones of the defeated invaders would occasionally be visible under the sand when uncovered by windy conditions in the early 20th century
The Church of the Holy Cross (WelshEglwys y Grog) is an example of a medieval sailor's chapel of ease. The site is said to have been used since the Age of the Saints, but the present building is probably 14th century. It has an example of a 12th or 13th century font made of Preseli stone. Mwnt was a civil parish in its own right for several centuries, but before the 17th century it was a detached chapelry of the parish of Llangoedmor. Since 1934, it has been part of the parish of Y Ferwig.

Sorry for the photo quality, we only had our mobile phones to hand. I hope you enjoy.

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