Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Images of the Day - In the Japanese Garden

Back to the outdoor spaces and today we are taking you into the Japanese gardens. This has been decked out to within an inch of its life and I was expecting a little old Japanese woman in her kimono and wooden shoes to come trundling out.

 They had built an authentic Japanese tea room to set the mood for the for the area and had a babbling brook running in parallel to the main tea room.

 Some pretty authentic looking Japanese script... What does it say i wonder?

Japanese Maple "Acer" trees

The Babbling brook i was babbling on about earlier !

 I think the plant is Japanese, but i doubt the bug is.

どうもありがとう。 Dōmo arigatō. (doh-moh ah-ree-GAH-toh

A.K.A Thank You

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