Saturday, 2 June 2012

Images of the Day - I AM NIKON LOGO

Nikon Template Mash-up

Today i thought i would give Photography a rest and try something that i have been meaning to do for ages. Ive always like the way that on the NIKON TV spots they use their standard logo changing the content while keeping the I AM.. constant.

If you are a genuine NIKON fan, please get over to check out their blog HERE

Anyway, I gave the logo my best shot using Photoshop CS5.

The original I AM NIKON logo

And my interpretation

Its a little off at the moment but I will master the thin 'NIKON' font one day.

Being a fanatical Nikon user I am more than happy to try out anything you have. Hardware, Softwear, gear Etc Etc. Email me for info

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