Friday, 25 May 2012

News of the day - geek pride *UPDATED*

Today is officially the day when we celebrate being a geek...

 A short post as myself and my two bros have a star wars marathon lined up tonight.
 13.5 hours
6 films
1 day

This is going to be tough. I will post updates throughout out the night.

Film 1 The phantom menace
 start time: 7pm
 Let's get going. Red bull at the ready

Film 2 Attack of the clones
 start time: 9:30pm
  keeping the momentum going. Please give some encouragement

Film 3 Revenge of the Sith
  Start time: 12:00am
Now, where did i put my coffee. sit back, relax and watch a jedi become a sith lord.....

Film 4 New hope
  Start time: 2:30am
Sleep is for the weak. Now we enter the era of star wars that I love the most. The classics

Apologies that i was unable to update this post during the geek pride marathon...... I didnt make it, I finally gave in around 4am and needed much needed beauty sleep for the Summers BBQ on Saturday.

My brothers on the other hand managed to get right the way through it and finally finished up at around 10:30am in the morning. CRAZY GUYS

But hey ho. A New week next week and time for some new posts and pictures.


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