Saturday, 5 May 2012

Images of the Day - Reptile loving

For today i though i would share with you two of my Reptiles. The others are fast asleep at the moment an dont want to disturb them.

First up is my female Mack Snow Het Lavender Reverse Stripe (what a mouthful i know) Leopard gecko. Her name is Jasmine and is approx 3 years old at the moment.

She really is a sweetheart and loves nothing more than to have a snuggle on any warm surface (normally my arm)

Next up is the biggest Reptile in my collection at present. Charlie is a male Inland Bearded dragon from Australia. He is a breed line know as a German Giant and is currently just over 2 feet long weighting in at 700 grams. Again i tames him from young and is the most placid of all my reptiles. Now fully mature at the age of 4 years he lives mainly off of a mixed salad diet with the occasional Locust and mealworm treat.

As for sleeping lizard. This is the home of my Crested Gecko Valentino (named after the MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi). He is an arboreal lizard with sticky feet and tail. The sub tropical living conditions means that this tank has to stay around the mid 70 degree F and 80-90% humidity.
 He had just recently shed and i will hopefully get some photos of him in his new colours.


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