Monday, 14 May 2012

Images of the Day - Countryside Ramblings

As i have an abundance of photos to show you all from the weekend, i want to stagger them out otherwise it all get a bit much to take in in one sitting.

These are the views that we had while en route to the pump house and reservoir, Being part of the Brecon Beacons national park it is a place of outstanding natural beauty.
 For this trip I had in tow my two younger brothers who ,while not budding photographers like to get snappy when something interesting is about.
 I will introduce you to those two guys later in the post, but for now we look at scenery.

Looking from the trail towards Pen y Fan (peak on the left), I am unsure on how high this is but its pretty high.

I think they might have had issues in the past with campers and the fires that thy light on the mountain side.

I dare you all to try and pronounce our welsh way of saying "no camping please".... it will be fun, trust me.

A small man made waterfall in a near vertical valley bottom. This rainwater from high up in the hill used to be pumped into the pump house. Now it is allowed to flow direct into the reservoir.

The Same stream a little further down.

Now, the fun part.....Introduction time

These as i did say are my two younger brothers Jamie,26 (left) and Harri,17 (right).  Jamie has just finished studying his masters degree in ancient Egyptian archaeology. Pretty clever guy.
 Harri is studying for his A levels in High School, and wants to become a religious historian.

Whilst having a break from all that hard graft we get every opportunity to do some brotherly bonding, we dont need much persuasion to go out together though.

And the all important gang shot. !!!!

Cheers guys to a top day out..... where will out adventures lead us next.

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