Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Images of the Day - Castle Combe

Hi All, Im back after having to have a short period away. With my grandfather being rushed to hospital, my little sisters 13th Birthday and a Motorsport event to prep for the weekend just gone it was a real struggle to get on here to post and comment.


Sorry for those of you who i didnt get to respond to the comments you left during the A to Z Challenge, and thank you for those of you who continued to comment after you all though i had fallen off the edge of the world.

Anyway onward and upwards. The weekend just gone was the first Motorsport event of the year and having spending more than 2 whole days prepping the Subaru. It was well worth it with some stunning cars on show. I am a Member of South Wales Scoobys which is a regional part of the much bigger ScoobyNet.

These are some of the shots from that day out.

Can you spot my car?

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