Wednesday, 18 April 2012

AtoZ Challenge - P is for Parrot

Today's offering is of a stunning array of our feathered friends. The very colourful yet sometime noisy parrots.

Some interesting facts before the photos of these charming animals are:

They don’t have vocal cords. They produce sound by pushing air out of their trachea and control their pitch by changing the shape and depth of the trachea.

Parrots come in many shapes and sizes. The pygmy parrot of New Guinea is 3½ inches long while the hyacinth macaw is closer to 40 inches long. Some macaws can grow up to five feet in length (including their tail feathers). Parrots can weigh anywhere from just a few ounces to 3½ pounds.

Another interesting parrot fact is that, for the most part, parrots nest in holes. While there are a few exceptions that build regular nests, most build their homes in holes in trees, rock cavities, ground tunnels and even occasionally in termite mounds.

Many can associate colors, shapes, numbers, sizes and more!

Future parrot owners beware… parrots in the wild and as flocks are some of the noisiest birds there are. It is said that some parrot vocalizations can be heard from as far as a mile away

And now the fun bit:

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