Friday, 6 April 2012

AtoZ challenge - F is for Falcon

A day out gave me the chance to get very close to some rather impressive birds of prey. This was a test for the new lens and to see how sharp my photography skills really were.

These birds, well im struggling to find the words to fully describe what you feel when you seen then soaring though the air, cutting a path so aerodynamic it would make an Formula One team blush.

Here are some (i say some, as you will have to watch tentativly for the rest.... and they are corkers) of the shots i took for you lovely bloggers

First up we have the yellow billed Red Kite

And the striated caracara bird.

Initial Tweaks: 0 Tweeks
Post processing: N/A
Finishing: Adding of borders and watermark

I got this one bang on the money, not often i can say that !!!!


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