Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bit of a busy week - Catch up

Well guys i must apologize for my awful lack of activity on here over the last week. It has been a hectic one.

Now that you have started reading i will tell you all about it, its all a big build up to tomorrow, but i will get to that later.

Monday i had to wash my beloved car, as it hadn't been washed since our first fall of snow back in lat January. I should be ashamed of myself as i am usually have OCD when it come to cleanliness of my car. After many an hour slaving over a pressure washer and a bucket on Monday i managed to come up with this.

Tuesday was a prep night ready for our fourth coming holiday. As the dogs (Missy and Dylan) are coming with us this time around we have to accommodate for them, is a country like ours there is no shortage of places to go hiking.

Wednesday we were off to see the head of the family. It was my grandfathers 88th Birthday, it was so nice to see him and all of the family together for his birthday celebration. He is, as i have said many times the inspiration behind the whole photography / blog thing.

Thursday saw my and Dad out on the farm tonight to do some rodent hunting. We help the local farmers rid their barns and stables of unwanted rats, the weather was really good and it was a productive night.

Friday was important for 2 reasons. One was that i had my first ever photo published in the weekly local paper. the other i that they are playing a charity rugby match for my friend who was killed over the Christmas period.
 I was ecstatic over the publishing, as i managed to get this blog address published with the photo. I will be putting a photo up of it.

Saturday daytime was a bit of a lazy one as the week was starting to catch up with me. Went to the in laws for lunch in the evening for the father in laws birthday. Was very nice and had beef wellington.

And here we are today. The car is all clean (again) and packed with all the essentials for a what feels like an expedition to the north pole.

I doubt i will be active over the next week but please be assured that i will be back armed to the teeth with all new images from my travels. Lets hope for good weather i guess

Have a good week everyone. Ill speak toy you all real soon


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