Saturday, 4 February 2012

Trip of the day - Cardiff bay (in the snow)

Well today we have had snow, only a couple of inches but enough to disrupt everything. As i was already in our Capital (Cardiff) we though why not go down the the bay side and get some photos. Apologies that there is not alot of them but it was freezing cold, and the chill off of the sea air did not help things.

Some old Water level markers (marked in feet)
 A Swan, hopefully one of the birdies can identify it
 Again, a gull, could be anyone of the many that inhabit our isle. I haven't got a clue
 If anyone knows,seen or heard of Torchwoord the TV series. This is the entrance to their underground office. The wall is covered with messages of love for the characters, and wishing they would return.
 One of the messages that was let on this memorial wall.
 A statue to celebrate the people of cardiff and the surrounding area.
 This is the newly built Welsh Millenium center, it hosts opera, theater and musical performances
 And some reflections from a nearby tower

I hope you like, have a nice weekend all


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