Monday, 27 February 2012

Images of the day - a day at the Museum

As we had nothing planned for yesterday we though that it was high time we got our rears into gear and visited the local museum located in the capital city (Cardiff). To be honest not allot had changed since we last visited in 2005. There was an exhibition about Queen Elizabeth in art and media and one about Scott of the Antarctic which was very interesting.

Please excuse the quality of today's shots i managed to forget my 16gb memory card and had to make do with a measly 4gb and had to set the camera to JPEG mode :(

The external of the cities museum.

 Some of the buildings many watchmen atop the roof

The remains of our nearest human relative

A Hawk Moth? I likes it that much i had to photograph it

Perseus with the head of Medusa

A Close up of that infamous snaked headed woman

A View from the first floor balcony

A reflection shot looking across the width of the museum

Someone looking very interested in the art 

The last stand of a Templar

Some of the detailing on the domed central roof

A marble lady with jugs (water jugs that is) 


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