Saturday, 14 January 2012

Images of the day - Around the world

These photos are from my last holiday to Florida, within Epcots World showcase. These were taken before the days of my serious addiction to photography, and my trusty Fuji bridge camera was the weapon of choice.
 The architecture that they had used while building some of the areas of the world is phenomenal, and got the finite details nailed down to a tee. These were two f my favorite images from two different continent of the park. The first was taken in Canada showcase (which was open October 1st 1982), and simply shows the Historical Totem pole and typical buildings.

The second was taken in the Morocco Pavilion, this is the walkway to one of the gift shops and is styled like the Bazaar entrances in Morocco itself, down to the small iron gate hangers and the incense that they burn the attention to detail again was second to none.

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