Friday, 6 January 2012

Images of the Day - An afternoon in the rain

We another day, another downpour and yet another soaking courtesy of the fine Welsh Weather. Im Just glad that the Nikon stood the test of the weather and gave out some pretty interesting images. All the below were shot in RAW and processed through Photoshop CS5.

The first image is taken over a barbed wire fence at a disused limestone quarry, this has been out of action for about two years, while all of the machinery has gone the place still has that industrial haunted look about it.

Post production was a simple HDR effect with a duplicated (multiply) layer to give depth of the mid-tones and shadows.

Next it was onto a beauty sport within Merthyr Tydfil; pontsticill. This area is renowned for the fast flowing River Taff, the deep swirl pools and the awe inspiring Viaducts. The Viaduct was built to carry the Merthyr Tydfil to Brecon Train line.

 Before my next image of the Viaduct i a photo of the viaduct in 1903

Pontsarn_Viaduct_Harris.JPG (293554 bytes)

And again in 2012

Under one of the arches is a plaque that was place there to give land back to the people after the viaduct was abandon by the railway line

I hope you all like


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