Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Painting with Light - First Attempts

Well there is no image of the day today (hooray I hear you cry), i have tried for the first time my hand at something new. LIGHT PAINTING, why didnt i think of this sooner i don't know as it it totally addivtive and puts a different slant of the art of photography.

These are some of the un-edited, no post production pictures of what i managed to capture.

All of the below were shot with my Nikon D3100 with standard VR18-35mm lens, mounted on a tripod and wireless shutter activation device. All shots taken at f5.4 in bulb mode.

First ever go and stated by drawing some pretty basic circles.

Then i added a blue gel onto the torch and tried spelling my name...... A little more practice needed i think, you can just about make out the S, H, and a U... Must try harder

Then, because i didnt have a clue what i was doing i decided to paint my door. With the gel removed and armed with my wireless device i took this over a period of about 22 seconds. Sorry that i forgot to cover the one square, seems alot harder when you in complete darkness.

 And now we welcome the test dummy for the evening, this is my little brother (Hello HJ), i wondered what
would happen if, once again i put the blue gel back on and painted him over the period of 30 seconds.

As usual all comments welcome


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